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December 6, 2011 Mies van der Rohe, Modern Snapshot

Modern Snapshot: Mies’ Crown Hall at IIT

Mies sculpture in Crown Hall

1961 bust of Mies by Hugo Weber.

I saw this tweet posted yesterday: (CREATION/DESTRUCTION – S. R. Crown Hall’s interior during finals week at Illinois Institute of Technology) along with this picture. I had a chance to stroll through Crown Hall–designed by Mies in 1956–during a quieter time this summer. There was no one else on the top open floor with 18 foot-ceilings, which is used to hold various classes simultaneously. I did spot a few students in the library downstairs and some models scattered throughout the work rooms. A National Historic Landmark, the building underwent major exterior renovations in 2005. All I could think as I toured the building was: What a space to study architecture. (If only I was better at math and a bit younger.)

Crown Hall

Crown Hall

Crown Hall

Below are various views of the building’s top floor.

Crown Hall

Crown Hall

I could use some terrazzo floors like these.

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