The Kitchen That Henry Built

  • Michael Shapiro
  • 06/22/22

Regular readers of this blog know my frustration when I see mid-century modern homes here in our area with the cliche-of-the-moment granite and stainless steel kitchens. Do people realize that, in most cases, this particular combination just does not work? So when people ask me, “Mike, what should I do in the kitchen?” My answer: “How about something like Henrybuilt.” I think the modern, clean lines and materials of Henrybuilt are a natural fit with the Goodman’s, Ken Freeman’s and Carderock contemporaries we have here.

While the company does not have a showroom in D.C., there is one in New York. “Don’t let distance deter you from contacting us,” Henrybuilt says soothingly. “We have well-developed processes for working with you no matter where your home may be.” How about Bethesda? Where do I sign up?

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