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November 20, 2007 Bannockburn Estates, Bethesda, Maryland

1953 MCM in Bannockburn Estates – $1.25 Million

This listing is for a one-story, 2,000 square-foot home featuring exposed redwood ceilings and an entire wall of glass running along the 48-foot living/dining room area. The home, which sits on nearly an acre, has been owned by one family since it was built. The listing’s pictures include images of the home from the 1950s.

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  1. Anonymous — November 21, 2007 @ 5:39 am         Reply

    I give them credit for marketing it well, and it is cool that it can be documented like it is. However, I still think the price is crazy. Location, location, I suppose. We just moved to Hollin Hills, and you can get as much house there (or in Holmes Run) for half as much. I will concede that Bannockburn has a great location, though.

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