1966 ‘Decca’ by Davenport in Hollin Hills – $735K

After architect CharlesĀ M. Goodman stopped designing homes for Hollin Hills in 1960, the neighborhood’s developer, Robert Davenport, riffed off Goodman’s designs for some of the homes as he finished building the neighborhood, which was completed in 1970. This two-level Decca model by Davenport has 4 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms and sits on a nice […]

Endangered in Tauxemont

Before developing the ground-breaking modern community of Hollin Hills beginning in the late 1940s, Robert Davenport built the nearby cooperative community of Tauxemont in the earlier part of the decade. The basic cinder block, wood and aluminum one-story side-gabled roofed homes were originally designed by architect and cooperative member Alexander Knowlton to make it easy […]

Dan Kiley: Hollin Hills, the Miller House and More

If you are interested in learning about the early landscape designs of Hollin Hills and want to learn more about landscape architect Dan Kiley, I recommend picking up a copy of Daniel Urban Kiley: The Early Gardens. The slim but informative book discusses Kiley’s career and focuses on his work in Hollin Hills and the […]

1968 Davenport Design in Hollin Hills – $800K

One of the last homes Charles Goodman designed for Hollin Hills was the Unit House No. 8, a large, T-shaped mid-century modern house on two levels. The 1958 design featured a large brick floating fireplace that divided the open, cathedral-ceiling living room from the kitchen. This listing is for a 1968 version of the model […]