Modern Snapshot: The National Presbyterian Church

The prominent campus of the National Presbyterian Church on Nebraska Avenue was designed by ecclesiastical architect Harold E. Wagoner, who once said: “The great thing about being an architect is you can walk into your dreams.” The cornerstone of the Brutalist/Neo-Gothic  complex was laid by congregant and former President Dwight D. Eisenhower on October 14, 1967, according to […]

Modern Snapshot: Breuer’s Vacant American Press Institute

In early 2012, the 66 year-old American Press Institute in Reston closed up shop and joined with the Newspaper Association of America, which is based in Arlington. The move left API’s 1972-1978  brutalist headquarters by Marcel Breuer and Hamilton P. Smith vacant, sitting on 4.6 park-like acres in the Northern Virginia suburbs.  The 42,334 square foot office […]

National Building Museum Event to Explore ‘Hated’ Brutalism

Brutalism. Do you love it or hate it? Derived from the French term béton brut (raw concrete), the Brutalist movement in architecture is characterized by a predominant use of raw concrete and brick and blocky forms. Many people really hate this architectural philosophy. In D.C., just think of the debate over the Third Church of […]