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Modern Snapshot: Three Eichlers in New York

I just watched the excellent documentary on Joseph Eichler, who developed more mid-century modern tract houses than any other builder in the country. During his career, he built more than 11,000 modernist homes, mostly clustered around the Bay Area.  The film, People in Glass Houses, was produced by Realtor Monique Lombardelli, tells the story of the […]

Modern Snapshot: The Washington Post Buildings

While recent stories about how the Washington Post is looking to sell its current home discussed the mid-century modern nature of the architecture, they did not discuss who designed the buildings or the interesting story of the headquarters that was never built. The original 1951 Post building at 1515 L St. was designed by the […]

Modern Snapshot: A Bit of Bauhaus in Jersey

The D.C. area is blessed with five mid-century modern communities on the National Register of Historic Places: Carderock Springs, Hammond Wood, Rock Creek Woods, the five Takoma Park Goodmans and Holmes Run Acres. Hollin Hills is currently pursuing a National Register designation. There are other designated mid-century modern suburban communities around the country such as Arapahoe Acres […]

Modern Snapshot: The Schindler House at Night

In Washington, tourists often take tours dubbed something along the lines of “Monuments by Night.” When I was in LA, I did the Schindler House by night. After a packed day, I finally made it to the house in West Hollywood on the way to the airport. Early modernist Rudolph Schindler built the house in 1922 after moving […]

Modern Snapshot: Beverly Hills

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season. With the weather dreadful today here in Washington and the local market quiet, I was looking through recent pictures from LA. Here are a few shots of the modernism in Beverly Hills to warm you up. Above is a shot of the 1965 Union 76 Gas Station […]

Modern Snapshot: The Eames House

Ray and Charles Eames’ “stuff” is almost all back in their house. The contents of the living room were famously removed last spring and displayed as part of LACMA’s  exhibit “California Design, 1930–1965: “Living in a Modern Way.” While the living room contents were on display in the museum, the Eames Foundation did some much needed […]

Modern Snapshot: Going Googie in LA

With my copy of Googie Redux: Ultramodern Roadside Architecture by Alan Hess, I hit the streets of Los Angeles during Thanksgiving week to check out a few of the remaining sites that dot the city. The term “Googie architecture” was coined by editor Douglas Haskell  after seeing the 1949 Googie’s restaurant designed by John Lautner. With Googie’s […]

Modern Snapshot: Two MCM Churches

There are so many mid-century modern churches, synagogues and others houses of worship that dot the Washington area, that I have been trying to force myself to take time to stop and take some pictures as I am rushing around. Bauhaus master Water Gropius even designed a synagogue near Baltimore. Here are just two that I recently took shots […]

Modern Snapshot: Vintage Touches Galore

While many mid-century homes in the area have been updated for the better–or in many other cases for the worse, so many homes that I see still have interesting vintage touches from lighting to kitchens to bathrooms. Here’s a round up of pictures from recent months to give you inspiration to hunt down similar vintage […]