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Johnie’s Coffee Shop in LA Landmarked

Some good preservation news from Los Angeles. Johnie’s Coffee Shop, designed in 1955 by Armet and Davis, was landmarked by the LA City Council last week. The original drawing for the Googie coffee shop first built as Romeo’s Time Square is part of the Overdrive: L.A. Constructs the Future, 1940–1990 exhibit currently at the National Building Museum. […]

Modern Snapshot: Going Googie in LA

With my copy of Googie Redux: Ultramodern Roadside Architecture by Alan Hess, I hit the streets of Los Angeles during Thanksgiving week to check out a few of the remaining sites that dot the city. The term “Googie architecture” was coined by editor Douglas Haskell  after seeing the 1949 Googie’s restaurant designed by John Lautner. With Googie’s […]

Mid-Century Modern-Style Dining at the Jersey Shore

I am sick of this weather and ready for summer and the beach. Did you catch the Post’s story the other day about The Chelsea Hotel in Atlantic City and its retro-style diner Teplitzky’s? It warmed me up a bit. My wife is from Atlantic City and the restaurant is named after her friend’s grandparents, […]

Googie in Silver Spring: Weller’s Dry Cleaning

Sligo at the Silver Spring, Singular blog has a nice post (with pictures) on Weller’s, the Googie dry cleaning building in Silver Spring.