Six Homes for Sale in Holmes Run Acres

Holmes Run Acres sign

There are six listings currently for sale inĀ Holmes Run Acres, the National Register of Historic Places-designated neighborhood of nearly 350 homes in Falls Church. Prices range from $499K to $675K.

The Luria bothers started the mid-century modern community and built approximately 260 homes, while the Gaddy Construction Company built 71. Andre Bodor finished the neighborhood in the late 1950s with more than a dozen homes, which were larger than the others and feature “shallow-pitched gable roofs, and use contrasting materials such as brick, wood, and glass. The most noticeable change is the entry, with large windows immediately adjacent to and above the first-floor door,” according to the neighborhood’s National Register submission. All the homes in the neighborhood were based on designs by Nicholas Satterlee and Francis Donald Lethbridge.

Speaking of Lethbridge, I will be listing a custom Lethbridge home in Silver Spring soon so stay tuned for more information.

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August 25th, 2015

Mid-Century Mike



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