Modern Snapshot: The Endangered Marvel Cleaners Building

Mid-Century Modern Marvel Cleaners

The mid-century modern Marvel Cleaners sits empty at its perch near the corner of New Hampshire Avenue and Randolph Road in Colesville. It has been sitting vacant for a year and is slated for redevelopment. The rendering in the window shows a “Marvel Plaza” but it does not look like anything to marvel at like the current building. The Colesville Patch reported last November that owner  Bruce Albaugh planned to keep the “charatcer” of the space: “But what about the building’s distinctive look? The site, Albaugh said, is a bit of an architectural icon. He plans to work with future tenants to ensure that the building, which will be redeveloped to suit their needs, will also retain its beloved character.” Really?

Marvel Plaza

Albaugh mentioned bringing in a coffee shop or restaurant. Could you imagine if someone opened up a retro diner in the space and actually kept the walls of glass and used similar style signage? Our own Googie diner. Wish I had a few million bucks.

Marvel Cleaners2

Flat roof with walls of glass.


Marvel Cleaners3

Tile and brick facade with vintage lighting.


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May 1st, 2011

Mid-Century Mike


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